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The main hall measures 14.2m  x 9.7m and has maximum capacities as follows:

  • Theatre style seating -  150 seats maximum

  • Dining with Gopac tables able to seat 6 - 8 per table  100 seats maximum

  • Dance floor with tables and chairs – 90 maximum

Kitchen  (5.5m x 2.7m)  has a serving hatch and contains a cooker, fridge, microwave and urn.

The hall possesses a premises Licence #2000307 

Licensable activities include:

  • selling alcohol (conditions apply - please check at the time of booking)

  • serving hot food and drinks

  • theatrical performance

  • showing a film

  • indoor sporting event

  • boxing or wrestling (indoor or outdoor)

  • live music

  • recorded music

  • dancing

  • facilities for making music

PRS PPL Licence

The Village hall's PRS PPL licence allows users to legally play music through the radio, TV, other digital devices and live performances.

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